VMIgreenlight 1.22

Monitors and manages mobile vehicle data
1.22.15 (See all)
Ctrack UK Ltd
Keep track of your mobile fleet by accessing the live tracking interface from any computer with means of access. The interface features current status feedback about the condition of vehicles on the move selectable from the general list along with a journey playback option for backtracking.

The VMIgreenlight Anywhere interface allows you to access VMIgreenlight live vehicle tracking, journey playback and reporting from any computer. It is a simple and easy to use option for the mobile fleet manager who wants to check the status of vehicles on the move. The VMIgreenlight product uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This provides session-based encryption and authentication for secure communication between clients and servers on the Internet. This ensures that your logon details and data are safe at all times, whether you are using the fully-functional VMIgreenlight Smart Client or the VMIgreenlight Anywhere interface.

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